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Simple Menu is SRM Compatible

Point of Sale Software

It all starts here on the Main page. From here on, a multitude of tools and procedural steps, in easy to follow diagrams and layouts, follow at the touch of your finger.

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Allagma is authorised as an official Sales Recording Module (SRM) installer registered with the Revenu Québec.

The Sales Recording Module (SRM) is the device underlying the technological solution that Revenu Québec has chosen to fight tax evasion in the restaurant sector. The SRM that Revenu Québec selected is an AAEON microcomputer, model AEC-6822, equipped with a security seal provided by IBM Canada.

To function properly, the SRM must be connected to a cash register or point-of-sale system and a receipt printer.

It is designed to:

  • receive data related to commercial transactions
  • record transaction information (such as sales and taxes) in secure data storage
  • send to a receipt printer the information required to print the bill

Simple Menu is certified by Revenu Québec as being SRM compatible.

Obligatory for all systems

Sales Recording Module from AAEON, model AEC-6822
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